White Jasmine Tea

White Tea 50 g
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White Jasmine tea
Tender silver needle white tea buds scented with fresh jasmine flowers. The tea has a wonderful flowery aroma and a heavenly light flavour with a sweet, pleasant jasmine aftertaste.


White Jasmine Tea
Tender, young silver needle tea buds scented with fresh jasmine flowers make a wonderful, delicious tea with a heavenly fragrant aroma and a scrumptious, sweet flavour with a lingering flowery aftertaste. Use 1-2 tsp. per 200 ml water, brew for 2-3 minutes (water temp. 90-95°C). Sugar or honey can be added if desired, but the wonderful, delicate taste and aroma is best enjoyed on its own. 

Packed in air-tight bag.

Product Details

Brewing Time
2-3 min
Brewing Temp.
95-98 °C
Jasmine scented white tea (silver needle grade)
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