Scottish Breakfast Tea

Scottish Breakfast Tea

Black Tea 100 gr
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Scottish Breakfast is a fine leaf, full-bodied, rich and hearty breakfast tea. It makes a strong brew with a fresh, brisk aroma and a delightfully malty touch with a light astringent undertone. Goes very well with milk. Use 1 tsp. per cup, brew in hot water (98-99ºC) for 1-2 minutes if served without milk, 2-4 minutes if served with milk. If you want add extra strength to your milky tea, add some extra tea rather than extending the brewing time.

Packed in foil lined paper bag.

Product Details

Type of Tea
Black tea blend
Sri Lanka
Brewing Time
1-2 minutes for black tea
2-4 minutes if served with milk
Brewing Temp.
98-100 °C
Black Tea (camellia sinensis)
Suitable with milk
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