Soursop Black

Soursop Black

Black Tea 100 gr
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Soursop Black - Soursop is a tropical fruit with a luscious tangy, sweet character and a taste that reminds of strawberries, pears and pineapple with a finishing touch of custard apple.  The fruity flavours of soursop combine perfectly well with the premium black tea and make a delicious brew, served hot or chilled with ice. Use 1-2 tsp. per cup, brew for 1-3 min. in hot water (98-99 °C). Add some sugar or honey if you wish to sweeten your brew. Milk can be added as preferred.

Packed in resealable foil bag.

Product Details

Suitable for iced tea
Blended in Australia using imported and/or local ingredients
Brewing Time
1-3 min
Brewing Temp.
98-100 °C
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