Organic Tea FBOP
Organic Tea FBOP
Organic Tea FBOP
Organic Tea FBOP

Organic Tea FBOP

Black Tea 120 gr
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Organic Tea FBOP Smooth tasting black tea from a high mountain, organic fair trade plantation in south India. It is an aromatic tea with a medium body, light astringency and a somewhat sweet character.This smooth and flavourful tea from a high mountain fair trade certified and organic plantation in south India makes a wonderful aromatic infusion with a medium body, very little astringency and a delicate finish with a subtle sweetness. Perfect tea for morning or afternoon and can be enjoyed clear or with a splash of milk. Use one teaspoon of tea per cup, brew for 1-3 minutes in hot water (98-100 °C). Use the longer brewing time if you wish to add milk. Sweeten if desired.

Packed in air-tight foil bag.

Product Details

Fair Trade/Ethical Plantation
Suitable for iced tea
Brewing Time
2-4 minutes
Brewing Temp.
98-99 °C
Suitable with milk
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